Some more or less random notes from developing a component as an extension to the Phoca Download component which I use on a number of sites - most noticeably on the site where it is used to manage all of the downloadable files.

When I started using it on Green-History I fairly rapidly decided that I needed some major changes to the layout for listing files in a category. PhocaDownload (PD) does allow considerable flexibility built in but this is cumbersome to use, and I suspects pre-dates the availability of simple overrides built in to the Joomla template system.

A note for myself after spending some time working out how to make a top menu bar on a website resize both the menu items (<ul><li> elements) and the font within the menu item as the screen width scaled.

The first bit was easy, istead of using a fixed size (120px) for the width of the <li> elements make the container element a percentage width of its parent - say 95% - and then if there are five menu items at the top (horizontal) level make the <li> width 20% (or whatever is appropriate for the number of entries in the top menu bar).

Frank wasn't referring to digital cameras because they didn't exist then, but the current tendency of camera marketeers to try and outgun each over on number of megapixels brought it back to mind.

Time was before the days of "smart" phones when it was standard to be able to sync your contacts between your computer and your phone, and possibly even your SMS messages and calendar. Been doing this since my first digital Nokia in 1994.

It was always a bit flakey and dependent on having the right cable and on the phone manufacturer (usually) providing software to run on the computer (PC or Mac). There were some third party utilities that worked as well and were generally better than the phone makers' offerings which tended to be clunky at best.